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Falcon Song

Kate can handle that Jason Falcon is gorgeous. 
And she can handle that he is fantastically talented, and competent, and funny, and sweet, and . . . . well, all of the things he is. 
What she isn’t sure she can handle is that he and his country band have suddenly become wildly famous. 
Even though she has always known that he near worships her, with millions of girls now throwing themselves at him, Kate is afraid that Jason will find he no longer loves Kate best. Then, when she discovers something completely earth shattering, it only makes her more unsure. 
Realizing that she can never settle for less than absolute devotion, as she is struggling to find what her place will be in Jason’s new top of the charts world, Kate wonders how you can ever truly know that things will work out. 
Does True Love Always Lead To Happily Ever After? 
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